Monday, March 12, 2012

Savannah, TN, Mar 12, 1862

The river was high, the landings low when the New Uncle Sam arrived at Savannah. The soldiers were confined to the boat for the most part.  The exceptions being the ever present infirm who were taken to local hospitals, officers called to the headquarters being established at the Cherry Mansion, and those sent to replenish supplies.

Modern view of the Cherry Mansion in Savannah, TN, as seen from the river landing.
Photo by the author- all rights reserved

The word began spreading through the regiments that they were awaiting the arrival of Gen. Don Carlos Buell and his Army of the Ohio heading south from Nashville.  The men were already impressed with the strength of their own force and tried to imagine what the combined armies would look like.  Surely they would overwhelm any Confederate forces they encountered.  Maybe the rebels would surrender or turn and run at the shock of seeing such an awe-inspiring display of strength.

Spirits were high and their daily rations were occasionally supplemented with food and drink ferried from the shore.  Perhaps the newspapers' predictions of an early end to the war would prove true after all.  Many were expecting to be home for Christmas.

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