Saturday, April 21, 2012

Busy Day

Today was spent cataloging and transferring small arms in every unit at Pittsburg Landing.  Grant was addressing a problem that had plagued his troops during the battle.  The soldiers in this hurriedly assembled army had small caliber weapons of every conceivable size.  There was no uniformity even at the company level.   When troops needed resupply in the heat of battle they were not always able to get every caliber needed to fit all of their weapons.  Greater variability was being generated by the ongoing process of salvaging abandoned arms from the battlefield.

To solve this problem, Grant ordered that "companies and regiments having a variety of caliber of arms will exchange and transfer from one company to another, so as to secure but one caliber in a company. This is highly essential to convenience in issuing ammunition.  Where necessary, arms may be returned to the ordnance officer on the steamer Rockett and an exchange effected there." ( *

As you can imagine, this process created quite a commotion on the plateau. With General Halleck in charge, you can be sure that each and every transfer was dutifully recorded.

*Link provided through Seven Score and Ten website, one of my Favorite Links

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