Friday, August 3, 2012

Regiment in Readiness at Reynolds'

Although technically assigned to the command of Gen. Alexander McCook who is  still guarding against Confederate advances on Chattanooga, the Seventeenth remains at Reynolds' Station.  Having earned a reputation as a regiment that is good to have around in a fight, they remain intact while others are broken into squads and sent out as guards on the supply trains.

On this day in 1862, they are put on alert and prepare to move out at a moment's notice.  This means that their camp is dismantled and loaded onto wagons, knapsacks packed and ready.  They will soon be on the march again, but the direction and  distance  are anyone's guess.  This is now a familiar feeling for these seasoned volunteers who left their home camp at Calhoun, Kentucky nearly six months ago.


August 3, 1862.
General NEGLEY,

Columbia: Colonel Starkweather has been notified to hold his regiment in readiness at all times to move for service, and to keep on hand full complement of ammunition and three days' cooked rations. Warn the rest of your command in like manner, including Twenty-first Ohio and Seventeenth Kentucky.


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