Sunday, July 1, 2012

Duty First, Then Thoughts of Home

The Volunteers of the Seventeenth Kentucky undoubtedly had a good night's sleep in their new camp and enjoyed a regular breakfast after their morning duties were complete.  Despite all of the complaining, the food prepared by the company cook was generally superior to the toasted hardtack and coffee prepared over their fires during the long march from Bear Creek.

The Muster Card for S.T. Brown dated June 30, 1862 indicates that he was "Absent- Sick- At Louisville"  as Captain Cox prepared the rolls for May and June. No further details are available.

For Sam Cox, July 1, 1862 was just another day at the office.  His complete entry for this day is printed below.

Have been busy engaged in making out pay and muster rolls today.  Wrote a letter to Josie.*

Included with his diary is a letter from his sister, Jenny Mosely, dated June 25, 1863- approximately one year from this entry. The following paragraph provides a curious glimpse into the young captain's family life back in  Hartford, Ky.

I suppose you have heard, Sam, that Josie Landrum and John Adams are going to be married.  Mrs. Barrett was asking Verda Nall about it and said it was quite a mistake for cousin "Josie wouild never marry but one man in this world and if he was killed in battle or died, she would never marry."  I told Mrs. Barrett that I, too, thought it was a mistake.  Is it not, dear Sam?  Tell me your secrets, and I assure you they shall never be divulged.  I have a woman's curiosity to know the cause of your and her quitting corresponding, and I think you might tell me.*

*Cox, Samuel K., Civil War Diary 1862-1865 of Captain Samuel Kennedy Cox, Courtesy of Daviess County Public Library, Kentucky Room, archived manuscript, p.18 and addendum

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