Sunday, July 8, 2012

Move It, Move It, Move It

On July 6th and 7th, Captain Cox recorded that camp life was continuing pretty much as expected. Drilling in the mornings and evenings to avoid the heat of the summer sun.  He did go into Athens on the 6th to visit Lieutenant Little whom he described as "very sick in town" and added that he "Saw several very beautiful young ladies."*  Lt. Finis Little (Co. C) resigned  his comission 24 days later as a consequence of his illness.**

The July 8th entry is a bit more informative and illustrates the captain's "dry" sense of humor.

Nothing of interest today.  Drilled 4 hours in the warm sun and dust 15 feet deep.  We have to wash our faces of an evening before we can tell what company we belong to.  Received information to the effect that we will move camp tomorrow.*

Nelson's Division had enjoyed this wonderful camp site for only nine days.

*Cox, Samuel K., Civil War Diary 1862-1865 of Captain Samuel Kennedy Cox, courtesy of Daviess County Public Library, Kentucky Room, archived manuscript, p.19.

**Blackburn, John, A Hundred Miles, A Hundred Heartbreaks, 1972, LOC 72-93774, p.245.

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