Monday, September 24, 2012

Louisville is Now Safe

Buell's army arrives at Louisville on this day in 1862.  He has yet to seriously engage General Bragg whose men are currently at Bardstown, Kentucky which has been the home of the best Kentucky Bourbon Distilleries since 1776.  This supports the contention that the Confederate generals, many of whom were native Kentuckians, invaded the state because they could no longer imbibe the whiskey of their Tennessee cousins.


Cincinnati, Ohio, September 24, 1862.

Major General WILLIAM NELSON, Louisville, Ky.:

GENERAL: If I understand matters Bragg is on the Bardstown road and Buell is on the Elizabethtown road, whence he can move via Salt River or shepherdsville if he desire, forming junction with you. If this be so, it seems to me your best course is to hold your position at Louisville, being ready for any contingency. Buell ought to move as rapidly as Bragg; if so, the latter will hardly trouble you. I have reduced the force already further than is prudent, and shall send no more unless indispensable to your safety. Smith may turn on Cincinnati if not watched closely. Answer.                              

Major-General, Commanding.

                               *  *  *

 LOUISVILLE, KY., September 24, 1862.
Major-General WRIGHT, Cincinnati:

Major General Thomas L. Crittenden has crossed Salt River with the advance of Buell's army, consisting of 12,000 men and six batteries of artillery. Louisville is now safe. We can destroy Bragg with whatever force he may bring against us.

God and liberty.


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