Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Bragg Checks Wood at Lee and Gordon's Mills

On this, the eleventh day of September, the chess match between Rosecrans an Bragg continues into the day and through the night.  Both men now realize that Crittenden has spread himself too thin along Ringgold Road.

Crittenden is ordered to stop his forward troops at Ringgold and consolidate his forces.  He orders Wood's Division to the area around Lee and Gordon's Mill, leaving the one brigade to garrison the city of Chattanooga.

Bragg moves to the opposite bank of the creek at the mill but inexplicably refrains from attacking Wood's compromised division.

Van Cleve continues southward and takes a position on Wood's right, less than a mile distant. Palmer follows a similar plan, forming on Van Cleve's right.  The two armies are now facing off across a small creek and a few hundred yards of open terrain, with the Union soldiers seriously out-manned.

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