Saturday, September 14, 2013

Consolidation at the Mill

Wood's brigades occupied Lee and Gordon's Mills on the afternoon of September 11.  This advance party was joined by the rest of Crittenden's Division on the 12th with Van Cleve taking a position south of the mills and Palmer to the south of Van Cleve.

Wood remained at the mill itself, occupying the positions so recently abandoned by the Confederates.  Colonel Opdyke of the 125th Ohio Infantry remarked, "the mills here are good and there is a large amount of wheat stored but the rebels destroyed the machinery."

In response to the gathering of Federals at the mill, General Polk deployed his army in a wide line behind the mill, facing north.  Except for a brief reconnaissance on this, the 14th of September, all parties involved remained in place.

Lee and Gordon's Mills as it stands today.  The Confederates abandoned on September 11, 1863 and fled to the tree line across the open field in the distance.

Lee and Gordon's MIlls: the business end, showing dam and sluicegate.

Much of the information in today's post came from this tablet located at  Lee and Gordon's Mills.

Ref:  Powell and Friedrichs, The Maps of Chickamauga, 2009 Savas Beatie LLC, New York

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