Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Siege is On

On this, the 31st day of Halleck's advance toward Corinth, it is appropriate to review the position of the Federal troops as they prepare for the final assault.  Their line extends along the northeastern edge of the city from Sherman's position just south of the Russell house in southern Tennessee to Pope's left wing positioned south of Farmington.  Nelson's Fourth Division of Buell's Army of the Ohio supports Pope's right flank and is headed straight for the center of town.

The Confederates' main fortification is on the high ground overlooking the town center and the railroad junction with entrenched positions  arcing from this fort through out the countryside.

The primary fortification at Corinth, current site of the Corinth Interpretive Center

On this day in 1862, the Union line of 120,000 men is advancing through the perimeter fortifications and the Confederates, numbering about 70,000, are falling back toward the junction and the protection of their heavy guns.  Pope and Sherman are sending conflicting reports of the enemy both reinforcing and withdrawing from their positions throughout the day as they prepare to wrap around the perimeter of Corinth.  Buell, holds his forward position less than a mile from the edge of town.

BUELL'S, May 29, 1862.
General HALLECK:

We have had some skirmishing, but generally it has been quiet in my front. My troops have not changed position. McCook's right is without doubt within 1,000 yards of the enemy's works. If you approve, I will to-morrow crowd the enemy back with a strong line of skirmishers and probably establish two or three divisions on McCook's line, on other side of creek. It seems to me it might be well for Pope to be prepared to move up at the same time, but not be ordered absolutely.


* ORE correspondence courtesy of my Favorite Link, Ohio State's eHistory

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