Thursday, June 28, 2012

Elk River, Alabama

No photographers were allowed as the division crossed the Elk River- sans bridge.  This scenic river has changed little in 150 years of hydro-engineering, unlike most of the Tennessee Valley.  It remains a relatively wide but shallow stream ripe for fly fishing and other outdoor activities.  However, crossing in the manner of Nelson's Division is generally not recommended.  Perhaps a canoe rental would be more appropriate.

Captain Cox was kind enough to expose the events of June28, 1862 in his diary.

Started this morning at 4 o'clock and travelled on very moderately during the day.  Crossed Elk River at 12 o'clock.  We adopted the uniform Nelson did when he crossed the Duck River, the one that nature gave us.  Marched some three miles into camp for the night.  Distance ten miles today.*

*Cox, Samuel K., Civil War Diary 1862-1865 of Captain Samuel Kennedy Cox, Daviess County Public Library, Kentucky Room, unpublished manuscript, p.17.  Emphasis was the author's.


  1. nice posting.. thanks for sharing.

    1. Special Thanks to Sheila Heflin at Daviess County Public Library, Kentucky Room Manager. Although there are some notable gaps (missing volumes?) of Samuel Cox's Diary, it is the best primary source document for the 17th Ky's activity.
      Where else have you heard of an entire Yankee Division streaking across a shallow river?
      Where was the Guiness Record monitor?