Sunday, June 10, 2012

Orders Restoring Order

June 10th marks the official end of Halleck's Siege of Corinth for some historians, based on the Special Orders issued on this day in 1862. The Seventeenth celebrates by continuing the march toward Bear Creek.


No. 90. Corinth, Miss., June 10, 1862.

I. The order dividing the army near Corinth into right wing, center, left wing, and reserve is hereby revoked. Major-Generals Grant, Buell, and Pope will resume the command of their separate army corps, except the division of Major-General Thomas, which till further orders will be stationed in Corinth as a part of the Army of the Tennessee. General Thomas will resume the immediate command of his division on its arrival at Corinth, and Brig. Gen. T. W. Sherman will report to Major-General Buell for duty with the Army of the Ohio.

II. Commanding officers of army corps and of the reserve will immediately report to these headquarters the operations of their several corps from the time of leaving Pittsburg to the evacuation of Corinth and the termination of the pursuit of the enemy, stating the several actions in which their troops were engaged, their own loss and the probable loss of the enemy, the works erected, and roads constructed. Such detailed report is necessary to enable the commanding general to do justice to all concerned.

By order of Major-General Halleck:
Assistant Adjutant-General.*

General Buell now has the Army of the Ohio restored to his command with the addition of Sherman's Division.  More significantly, Grant is no longer Halleck's assistant in command.  His Army of the Tennessee is restored with the addition of General Thomas' division. 

One point not mentioned in these orders is that Nelson retains what is left of  our four regiments mustered at Calhoun Kentucky under General Crittendon.  They had been transferred to Grant's command as Cruft's Brigade for the attack at Fort Donelson, remained with the Army of the Tennessee to fight at Shiloh as Lauman's Brigade and reassigned to the Army of the Ohio as Ammen's Brigade during Halleck's realignment in April.

*ORE correspondence courtesy of my Favorite Link, Ohio State's eHistory

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