Sunday, June 3, 2012

Roadwork Ahead

On this day in 1862, General Wood, who has been sent ahead toward Decatur, Alabama to begin repairs on both the rail and wagon roads, is informed that help is on the way.

Brigadier-General WOOD,
Commanding Sixth Division:

General Nelson's division is ordered to follow you to-morrow morning. As soon as he approaches Bear Creek, probably day after to morrow [the 5th], you will move forward toward Decatur, leaving a brigade to work at the Bear Creek Bridge until relieved by the arrival of General Nelson, if he is not in position to detail working parties when you move. In your advance beyond Bear Creek you will repair the wagon road and railroad, and will post a brigade at Tuscumbia, pushing the remainder of your force forward to Decatur. Any of your command left at Bear Creek will of course be called forward by you as soon as General Nelson reaches that point.
The Engineer Regiment will be divided for work along the railroad, and you are at all times expected to furnish details on application from General Smith. Another battalion of cavalry will be ordered to join you. Boats, with rations and forage, will be sent to Eastport and Tuscumbia as soon as practicable and before the 10th, to which time you are rationed.
I am, sir, very respectfully, your obedient servant,

Colonel and Chief of Staff.*

It looks like the Seventeenth and their comrades have more roadwork ahead.  They hope that, when the lines are restored, they will be sent back toward the Ohio River to defend Kentucky from the southern invaders. But tomorrow, it's back on the chain gang.

HEADQUARTERS ARMY OF THE OHIO, Camp near Corinth, June 3, 1862.
Brigadier-General NELSON,
Commanding Fourth Division:

General Buell directs that you take up the line of march with your division complete and entire to-morrow morning, and, unless otherwise directed, move to the Bear Creek Bridge, on the Memphis and Charleston Railroad. General Wood's division has preceded you on that route and has partially repaired the wagon road.
It will be necessary for you to send in advance of your column a strong pioneer party, not less than a regiment, to put the road in good order.
General Wood is directed to leave Bear Creek when you approach it [going on toward Decatur], and you will promptly furnish such working details as may be called for by Brigadier-General W. S. Smith, in charge of railroad repairs.
Boats, with rations and forage, will be ordered to Eastport, within about 7 miles of Bear Creek Bridge.

I am, sir, very respectfully, your obedient servant,
Colonel and Chief of Staff.*

*ORE correspondence courtesy of my Favorite Link, Ohio State's eHistory

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