Friday, October 12, 2012

Boyle's Reply to Lincoln

In the absence of news from Buell, General Boyle provides the following summary of accumulated information when the president reiterates his anxiety over Buell's Pursuit of Bragg, on this day in 1862.


October 12, 1862 - 4.10 p. m.
General BOYLE,

We are very anxious to hear from General Buell's army. We have heard nothing since day before yesterday. Have you anything?


Ref.:  http://ehistory.osu/edu/osu/sources/recordView.cfm?Content+023/0609

Louisville, October 12, 1862 - 5.30 p. m.

President LINCOLN:

Your dispatch received. Have no reliable information since 10th instant. Battle was fought on Wednesday by two divisions of McCook's corps, and most of rebel force, under Hardee and Polk, Bragg commanding the whole. We lost Generals Jackson and Terrill, Colonel Webster, Lieutenant-Colonel Jouett, Major Campbell. Colonel Lytle, of Ohio, wounded in leading bayonet charge, and is believed to be in hands of enemy. Our loss estimated at 1,500 to 2,000 killed and wounded. The enemy's loss as great, and believe to be greater. Bragg and Cheatham reported killed, but needs confirmation. Doctor Murray, medical director of Buell's army, telegraphed this morning for hospital accommodations for 1,000 wounded being sent back from the battle. My understanding is that Buell is pressing the enemy. Heavy fighting reported at Harrodsburg. Expect to receive news by courier to night. Will send it to you.


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