Sunday, October 28, 2012

Rosecrans in Cincinnati

On this day in 1862 General Rosecrans arrives in Cincinnati to relieve Buell of his command of the Army of the Cumberland.  His instructions were to deliver the orders to General Buell at his headquarters.  Rosecrans is about 100 miles off the mark, since it is well known that General Buell is near Crab Orchard, southeast of his headquarters at Louisville. Rosey must have taken this detour to consult with General Wright at Cincinnati.  He also takes time to update General Grant in regards to his new position, which will take effect when he reaches Buell's camp. 


CINCINNATI, OHIO, October 28, 1862.

Major-General HALLECK:

Arrived here at 11 a. m. Have received yours, inclosing your letter to Major-General Buell, copy of General Orders, No. 138, and your letter of instructions. I shall proceed at once to carry them out. My horses will reach here to-night. I will leave to-morrow for General Buell's headquarters.


                              *  *  *                                   

CINCINNATI, October 28, [1862].

Major-General GRANT:

My orders are to relieve General Buell and assume command of the Department of the Cumberland, and we are to co-operate so far as possible to support each other's operations. Please keep me advised, and I will do the same for you.I will go to Louisville to-morrow.


Meanwhile, the beleaguered general is directing troop movements from his field command, unaware of the change about to come.  He surely assumed that, if he were to be relieved of command, Major -General Thomas, who has been serving as his Second-in-Command since the previous botched restructuring, would again be appointed his successor.

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