Sunday, October 21, 2012

Gloom, Despair and Agony

On this day in 1862,Governor Morton of Indiana presents his concerns over the aftermath from Perryville to President Lincoln. General McCook may not express his resentment from being left to face half of Bragg's army but the governor feels no such constraints, as many of the casualties were from Indiana volunteer regiments.  Perryville, as Donelson and Shiloh before, had resulted in heavy numbers of  Hoosier dead and wounded, the later of which are returning home in varying states of agony.  With no immediate prospects of victory, their hearts are heavy and yet more sacrifice is to be asked of the people from the northwestern states.


October 21, 1862 - 9.15 p. m.

His Excellency the PRESIDENT:

An officer just from Louisville announces that Bragg has escaped with his army into East Tennessee, and that Buell's army is counter-marching to Lebanon. The butchery of our troops at Perryville was terrible, and resulted from a large portion of the enemy being precipitated upon a small portion of ours. Sufficient time was thus gained by the enemy to enable them to escape. Nothing but success, speedy and decided, will save our cause from utter destruction. In the Northwest distrust and despair are seizing upon the hearts of the people.

Governor of Indiana.

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