Thursday, October 25, 2012

Rosecrans Receives Vote of Confidence

The growing political pressure from the northwestern states of Indiana and Illinois is relieved by Lincoln's departmental restructuring and Rosecrans' new appointment.


INDIANAPOLIS, IND., October 25, 1862 - 10.40 a. m.

His Excellency PRESIDENT: We were to start to-night for Washington to confer with you in regard to Kentucky affairs. the removal of General Buell and appointment of Rosecrans came not a moment too soon. The removal of General Buell could not have been delayed an hour with safety to the army or the cause. The history of the battle of Perryville and the recent campaign in Kentucky has never been told. The action you have taken renders our visit unnecessary, although we are very desirous to confer with you in regard to the general condition of the Northwest, and hope to do so at no distant period.

Governor of Illinois.

Governor of Indiana.

Meanwhile, back at headquarters, Colonel Fry sends the following orders to Buell's Second-in-Command with no reference to a higher authority.  The Seventeenth Kentucky, in Rousseau's Division is ordered to Bowling Green from their current location near Lebanon.  Note that this is in the direction of Nashville, not East Tennessee. The march will cover more than 100 miles of hilly terrain and the soldiers will have to forage for fresh water as there is only one significant source along the route.  They are alotted five days to accomplish this feat.

Ref.:  ibid

OCTOBER 25, 1862.
General THOMAS, Lebanon:

Crittenden's corps will proceed to Glasgow as fast as it reached Columbia. If its baggage should not have arrived it will follow. It must be at Glasgow entire by the 31st. Put McCook's division in motion by way of Summersville, Horse Well, and Bowling Green. It must reach Bowling Green by the 31st. Rations will meet it at Bell's. Crittenden's division will draw rations from Cave City or Munfordville. Direct the First and Third Divisions (Schoepf's and Rousseau's) to march for Bowling Green by Campbellsville, Greensburg, and Glasgow. They must reast Bowling Green by the 1st proximo and Glasgow by the 29th. Rations for them all will be at Cave City.


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