Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Buell on Two Fronts

On the battle front, Buell sends the following update in response to Halleck's "Hit the Road, Jack" telegram of the previous day.


Via Louisville, October 3, 1862. (Received 4.50 p.m.)

General HALLECK, Washington:

I have received your dispatch of yesterday. My troops have been in motion since yesterday. They occupy to-day Shepherdsville, Mount Washington, Taylorsville, and Shelbyville. Bragg's force is mainly at Bardstown. He is collecting supplies at Danville, and may concentrate at that point.

Major-General, Commanding.

Buell's stated positions on Oct. 3, 1862 of his (dark blue) and Bragg's (red) forces.  The lighter blue dots indicate positions referenced earlier in Buell's communications as he proceeded north from Nashville.

On the other front, Buell's appreciation for swift application of military justice is once again demonstrated in the following message, also to General Halleck.  Perhaps in deference to the overturned findings on Turchin,  Buell suggests that the trial be held in Washington.


Via Louisville, October 3, 1862. (Received 6.20 p.m.)

General H. W. HALLECK:

Brigadier-General Davis is under arrest at Louisville for the killing of General Nelson. His trial by a court-martial or military commission should take place immediately, but I can't spare officers from the army now in motion to compose a court. It can perhaps better be done from Washington.

The circumstances are that on a previous occasion Nelson censured Davis for what he considered neglect of duty, ordered him to report to general Wright at Cincinnati, Ohio. Davis said will reference to that matter that if he could not get satisfaction or justice would take the law into his own hands. On the occasion of the killing he approached Nelson in a large company and introduced the subject. Harsh or violent words ensued, and Nelson slapped Davis in the face and walked off. Davis followed him, having procured a pistol from some person in the party, and met Nelson in the hall of the hotel. Davis fired. The ball entered the right breast, inflicting a mortal wound and causing death in a few minutes.


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